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BONUS EPISODE: An Interview With Mary Spiro of Shadow Woods Metal Fest

August 12th, 2017

Zach & guest host Max Shoop (ex-Horde of the Eclipse, ex-The Beyond, Storm of Damnation) with an on-site interview at a Zud show with Mary Spiro, founder of the Shadow Woods, both the Metal Fest and the production company. We talk about the festival, the financial and logistical issues of setting up a show of this size, and more. Also with us are local promotor's Dustin Davis, the man behind the metal at Guido's Speakeasy and beyond, and Nick from Lokvlt promotions in Philly. We also talk about setting up and promoting shows in a small town vs a larger city, sexism in the metal scene, the problems with pay 2 play, delusional promotors and more. 

Highly Recomend this epsiode to anyone looking to get into promotion and for bands that want to know what an honest promotor looks like, and how to present your music to prospective promotors. Huge thank you to Mary, Dustin, and Nick for talking to us


Shadow Woods Metal Fest


Shadow Woods Promotions



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