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Prototype IV - An Emotional History of Metallica

July 15th, 2017


aka Dr. StrangeLars or: How I Learned to Stop Expecting Quality and Love Death Magnetic



In our first format busting episode the boys of AYM take an emotional journey across the treacherous ocean that is Metallica’s discography. The highest highs, the Lulu-est lows, the stakes are high and tempers flare as we move from the nigh untouchable first 4 albums to the musical equivalent of a flaming skull chain wallet with velcro that is Load and Reload, to the laziness of Garage Inc, the “why?” of S&M, Some Kind of Temper Tantrum that is St. Anger to the “return to form” of more recent years. Plus Iain shares some thoughts on the latest MDF, Zach violates a mother’s trust, Don praises Misstallica, the Pina Coloda Song & much more.

P.S. We made this episode with love for James, Kirk and Lars deep within our hearts. Please for the love of Dave Vincent do not send us angry emails about how much we hate Metallica

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Thousand Pound Destruction