Are You Morbid?: A Heavy Metal Podcast

3 friends discuss metal with varying degrees of seriousness

Outsider Black Metal

August 30th, 2019

Get raw get kvkt get freaky


Albums discussed

Anubi - Kai pilnaties akis užmerks mirtis

Black Mass of Absu - compilation

Graal - Sigullum Naturae

Egaheer - Czarna Litania

Nomicon - Yellow

Lanz - Incinerator the New Church 

Mysteries - In the Dark and Sodomy

Animus - Hmo Homini Deus

Elfen - To Eldamar From Minas Morgul

13 Candles - Pilgrimage to the Gates of Sin

Law of the Rope - Book of Three

Gormantatinus - Sersavina Decan, Anden Plaust 

Sleeping Village - Mourning Persists 

Canine Court One - The Triumph of the Lazar Eyed Cesar

Faarthkrag  - The Station, the Passenger and the Vast Chasm

Varghkoghargasmal - Drowned in Lakes

rehtaF ruO - Boiled in Goat Blood

Alpha Drone - A Cross off Stars

NDE - Krieg Blut Ehre Asche

Wormsblood - Black & White Art for Man & Beast

Enbilulugugal - Noizemongers for GoatSerpent

The Mausoleums - At the Mausoleum

Mescalin massacre - liquid, soma, death

Amocoma - Go To Hell

Immaculate Paragon Of Insanity - Dark Path to the Void

Black Vomit - Jungle Death

Marsh - Life's Contradiction

Oaks of Bethel - The Folk and the Ground

Dhishti - Meditation of Death

Dead Raven Choir - My First Born Will Surely be Blind


Into music by Stian Nyquest

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