Are You Morbid?: A Heavy Metal Podcast

3 friends discuss metal with varying degrees of seriousness

Prototype XXXV - Halloween Metal II

October 17th, 2018

Diabolical Masquerade - Nightwork
Energy Vampires - Energy Vampires
Albatross - Fear From the Skies
Terra Tenebrosa - The Tunnels
Seasons of the Wolf - Lost In Hell
Blood Cult - We Who Walk Behind the Rows
Cult of Ghoules - Henbane
Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer
Portal - Outre
Ghastly - Death Velour
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - The Night Creeper
Enforcer - From Beyond
Dismember - Like An Everflowing Streamed
Exhumed - Slaughtercult
Death - Scream Bloody Gore
Bloodbath - Ressurection Through Carnage
Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding
King Diamond - Them
Mortician - Chainsaw Dismemberment
Necrophagia - Holocausto De La Morte

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